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Ganpati Min-Ventures Pvt. Ltd. is a leading brand in Mining, Consulting & Trading of Industrial Minerals based at Udaipur, Rajasthan in INDIA. ......... Read More

Rajasthan is known as museum of minerals. Seventy nine types of minerals are available in the state, out of which fifty eight vairiets are produced in substaintial quantities. $ 20,000 Million is the per year sale value of minerals produced from Rajasthan.
The state of Rajasthan is endowed with varities of minerlas like Lead-Zinc ore,  Copper ore,  Wollastonite, Soapstone, Dolomite, Quartz, Feldspar, Rock Phoshate, Ochres, all types of Clays, Granite, Marble, Limestone ( Steel and Cement grade), Jasper, Garnet, Gypsum and so on. More than 60 % of the minerals produced in the State are sold in the form of raw materials , thus there exist a fair scope of value addiion of these minerals, at the places where they are being sold or exported.

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